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Andreia Mendes

Join The Team: Become a Community Moderator at Jaumo!

Community Moderators are volunteers who assure Jaumo Communities remain safe, fun and welcoming. Find out why and how you can become one.

The Rise of LGBTQ+ Online Communities on Jaumo

At Jaumo, we believe in supporting and creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community every day. Learn more about the growth of LGBTQ+ communities on our app.

Online-Beziehungen: Ein kleiner Sicherheitsleitfaden

While socializing online has become more and more popular, not everything is flowers in the online world. Make sure you stay safe with these tips.

5 Ideen für Dates mit Freunden, die nicht in euerer Kneipe stattfinden

Who said dates need to be exclusively romantic? You can have just as special and fun of a time with a friend. Check out these 5 ideas for a friend date!

5 Grundlagen für das Setzen gesunder Grenzen

How and why should you set healthy boundaries? Understanding and enforcing your boundaries can help you ensure your happiness and nurture strong bonds.
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Die einzig wahre soziale Bucket-List für 2023

Ready for 2023? Not before you read through our Social Bucket list for the new year! Here are 5 ideas to boost your social life in 2023.

10 Feiertagsaktivitäten mit deinen Freunden

It's official: the most wonderful time of the year is here! Check out these 10 activities to enjoy the season with your friend group.

Halloween-Special: Schütze dich vor Dating-Horror

The dating horror stories... Bringing their friends - or even family - along on the date, always leaving you hanging, and making sexist comments.

Halloween-Special: Wie man einen Energievampir „tötet“

Du glaubst nicht an Vampire? Dann sieh nochmal genauer hin: Vielleicht gibt es in deinem Leben bereits einen oder zwei. Hier geht es um Vampire, die einem die Energie aussaugen.

Halloween-Special: Was hat es mit dem Ghosting auf sich?

Obwohl Ghosting meist mit Dating in Verbindung gebracht wird, kann es in vielen verschiedenen Formen auftreten.