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Join The Team: Become a Community Moderator at Jaumo!

Community Moderators are volunteers who assure Jaumo Communities remain safe, fun and welcoming. Find out why and how you can become one.

The Rise of LGBTQ+ Online Communities on Jaumo

At Jaumo, we believe in supporting and creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community every day. Learn more about the growth of LGBTQ+ communities on our app.

5 Steps to Overcome Shyness and Build Social Confidence

If you’re tired of feeling all anxious and uncomfortable when you're in social situations you're not alone. Here are five steps to help your social confidence.

Winning the battle against fake users!

Over the past 6 months, the Jaumo team has been working hard implementing new solutions to address the ongoing challenge of fake users.‍

Freunde finden als Erwachsener: Hier sind ein paar Tipps, wie es klappen kann

Als Erwachsener neue Kontakte zu knüpfen, kann ein schwieriger Prozess sein: Hier sind einige wichtige Tipps, die dir dabei helfen sollen.
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5 Schritte, um Intimität in all deinen Beziehungen zu schaffen

Intimacy can be built quickly, but it can be challenging to maintain. Learn more about how you can nurture it in all your relationships.

Online-Beziehungen: Ein kleiner Sicherheitsleitfaden

While socializing online has become more and more popular, not everything is flowers in the online world. Make sure you stay safe with these tips.

Möchtest du diese Osterferien mal ganz anders gestalten? Hier sind einige Ideen!

Spring is here, and with it comes Easter, the feast of Love. If you need ideas on how to celebrate it, check these activities based on the customs of the world!

5 Ideen für Dates mit Freunden, die nicht in euerer Kneipe stattfinden

Who said dates need to be exclusively romantic? You can have just as special and fun of a time with a friend. Check out these 5 ideas for a friend date!
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Warum Empowerment Frauen zu besseren Beziehungen führt

Do empowered women have better relationships? The answer is yes, but why? What is empowerment, why it's important, and how you can achieve it.

Die Bedeutung von Freundinnen in deinen 30ern

Too many women realize that they've become isolated from their friendships in their 30s. The importance of having girlfriends in your 30s can't be understated.

5 Richtlinien für eine gesunde Sexualität

Woher soll man wissen, was beim Sex gesund und was ungesund ist, wenn niemand darüber spricht? Elaine Turner gibt 5 wichtige Hinweise für eine gesunde Sexualität.