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Halloween-Special: Wie man sich vor Dating-Horror schützt

There’s a horrible dating story for every taste. Bringing their friends - or even family - along on the date, always leaving you hanging, and making sexist comments.

Ich habe jemanden kennengelernt! Wie geht es weiter?

When getting to know someone new, first interactions can be daunting. There’s often pressure to make a good first impression and show off the qualities that set you apart.

Hilfe! Wo lernt man heutzutage noch Singles kennen?

Have you ever asked yourself “Where am I supposed to meet new people to date nowadays"? It´s not just about "where", but also about "how to meet new people" in the modern digital world.

Quick Do’s and Don´ts for Online Dating

Online dating really is a practical solution to get in touch with new interesting people. Find out what are the red flags of online dating and learn about the rules of successful dating.