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Halloween-Special: Wie man einen Energievampir "fängt" und "tötet"

Don’t believe in vampires? Maybe you should pay a bit more attention: you might already have one or two in your life. This is about energy-sucking vampires.
Personal Growth

7 Tipps für bessere Kommunikation

Kommunikation ist der Grundstein für jede Art von Beziehung – Freundschaft, Romanze, Arbeit, was auch immer. Das bedeutet, dass qualitativ hochwertige Konversation einen langen Weg vor sich hat, bis sie zu einer festen Beziehung führt.

5 Regeln, die es zu beachten gilt, bevor man eine neue Beziehung startet.

Relationships come in many shapes and sizes – it’s essential to make a list of questions to ask yourself about your past and future relationships and get clear about what you need before starting one.

In einer neuen Beziehung Grenzen setzen

If you want to ensure that you're setting yourself up for success with a new relationship, it's very important to understand and practice healthy boundaries from the beginning.

Quick Do’s and Don´ts for Online Dating

Online dating really is a practical solution to get in touch with new interesting people. Find out what are the red flags of online dating and learn about the rules of successful dating.